Friday, 15 March 2013

Meet Tony

We are so fortunate to have such lovely people walk through the Avo Hotel doors. Whilst many are paying guests,  some are random people just wanting to say "hello". 

A gentleman called Tony stopped by the other day. We were charmed and astonished when he divulged that he was in fact born in our very building in 1951. How wonderful is that?! Of course many things have changed in the area and within our building since then, but, it is heartwarming to know that our address holds sentimental thoughts for other people too.

Tony's visit got me thinking and I remembered stashing away a newspaper clipping somewhere.......

It seems that 82 Dalston Lane once was a Drapers too. We like to think that all the east London dapper dans made their way here to get suited and booted before stepping out to impress.

I wonder what Mr GH Whiter would make of our Avo Hotel. I'd like to believe that he would be impressed just like our new friend Tony was. 

We very much enjoy hearing new stories about our building, so if you have one, please do share!

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