Friday, 27 September 2013

Avo Hotel's List of Things You Really Should Do in Hackney and East London PT II

Shuffling on with our list of things you really should do in Hackney, we have 4 more splendid suggestions that may well make you wish to stay longer!

6. Become part of the plot at Dennis Severs' House

10 rooms with 10 spells to through you back in time. Sound mysterious? Good! Now go visit!

Avo recommends the Silent Night visits on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 - 9pm cost: £14.00 per person

7. Learn to make your own shoes

I CAN Make Shoes holds shoemaking courses just up the road from us.

I CAN Make Shoes Website

8. Discover Turkish food

There is a veritable cornucopia of Turkish delights in Dalston. Kingsland High Street offers a mind boggling array of restaurants for you to choose from. We recommend trying one of the charcoal grill spots  or "Ocakbasi". Generous portions, delicious bread, grilled meats and wonderful vegetable side dishes.

9. Silent Cinema in a Cemetery

Abney Park Cemetery is one of the most hauntingly beautiful places in Hackney. Don't let the fact that it is a cemetery put you off or give you the heebie-jeebies. It is well worth a visit and a great place to go for a stroll. Avo is most impressed that it also hosts occasional special events including a silent film night. Don't forget that you will need to B.Y.O.S (bring your own seat). Check out their FB page for more details: Abney Park Facebook

Abney Park Cemetery Website

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