Monday, 9 September 2013

Avo Hotel's List of Things You Really Should Do in Hackney and East London

Like in all hotels, people choose to stay at the Avo Hotel  for all sorts of reasons. Most of our guests are visiting family or friends in the local area so we are like a spare room, only we do all the cleaning and tidying so you don't have to lift a finger! Not everyone makes a beeline for the well-known attractions of the West End. We do get a few, visitors who genuinely want to visit the lesser known places of interest that the east end of London has to offer. Such intrepidly curious people are rewarded with a wealth of genuinely interesting places to see, shop, eat, drink and get lost in.

We thought it might be useful and even perhaps interesting to list some of the Avo Hotel team's favourite spots to visit. So, without any further hoo-ha, here is our 1st edition of Avo Hotel's Things You Really Should Do in Hackney and East London:

Visit the Hackney Museum.

While this may sound as interesting as watching paint dry, you should go and surprise yourself with the fascinating, strange, heart-warming and at times plain scary story of how our amazing borough. We are locals and we learned a LOT during our visit. We left even more appreciative of our streets and it's people knowing a quite a few secrets and stories from our vibrant past.


RIdley Road Market

Take in the sights, sounds and smells of our local market. Usually loud and filled with an assortment of crazy things that will make you wonder, gasp and look again (sometimes despite yourself), sometimes quiet, sometimes impassible, never, ever, boring.

Wilton Way

Take a leisurely walk down Wilton Way. Tucked behind Graham Road lies a road of independent places fit for the whiling away hours in pleasant satisfaction:

The Wilton Way Café

Violet Cakes

Borough Wines

Toppers of Hackney

J. Glinert

The Otherside of the Pillow


Go Back to School - In Victorian London
On the 1st Sunday of each month, a school mistress starches her collar and swishes her cane before opening the doors of her classroom. Why not polish your shoes and attend a lesson at the Ragged School. Slate board and chalk provided and handwriting will be examined! This is actually on the Avo Team's to-do list too!

Suggested donation of £2.00 for the lesson. As capacity in the classroom is limited to 34 people per session, you are advised to book your place as you arrive at the Museum to ensure you don’t miss out.

The Ragged School Website

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